BeagleIO cape

The BeagleIO cape is ideal for applications which need to switch and read digital outputs and inputs in the range of 7V to 36V. Besides the classical in/out applications in control systems, there is moreover the chance to drive an amplified and fully bridged PWM port, using the PWM pins of the beaglebone. 

In total, the user has eight amperes of direct current on the outputs.


One of the CAN bus channels of the TI Sitara ™ AM335x is  brought out by one (or optional two) D-SUB connectors. This fully allows CANopen DS401 implementations of the module.
Bus cabling is optionally simplified by use of the secondary D-SUB connector.

PIN Configuration
2 CAN Low
7 CAN High



The system is powered by a DC voltage source between 7V and 36V (polarity protected). The 5V operating voltage of the BeagleBone is generated by the system's main supply. For relay operation, a minimum voltage of 12V is required. The relays can work with voltages up to 250V and 5A.

A continuous current of 2A can be switched per MOSFET. Per channel there is a maximum pulse load of 18A possible, duty cycle <5%, pulse duration <10msec. Standard load capacity of the system is secured to 8A.

Inputs are galvanically isolated by optocouplers, allowing an input voltage range of 5V - 48V.

* The housing is not included in standard delivery.


BeagleIO for BeagleBone Black
BeagleIO for BeagleBone Black
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Phoenix UM series case

PHOENIX CONTACT's universal module series "UM" can be used for mounting the BeagleIO cape on standard cap rails. This case is not included in standard delivery.

UM element configuration

Element Count
UM-BEFE 35-1  3
UM-BE 35-1  2
UM-SE  2



Dimension Value (mm)
Width 178
Length 107.5
Height** 30

** including Beaglebone and mini USB plug, without casing

produced by impressx, 
designed by SBT